Real-time mobile phone tracking available to view within the same software as SmartCam and FleetTracker starting from just £6 per month.

Total Fleet Visibility

If vehicle tracking is not an option for your business, because maybe part of your fleet is privately owned vehicles (grey-fleet), or if you want to extend the visibility you get from vehicle tracking to employees outside of their vehicles, then mobile phone tracking is the best option. Why?

  • Because it tracks the same basic metrics as vehicle tracking (Speed, Location, Time on Site, Speeding, etc)
  • It can use GeoFences to count visits in and out of specific locations drawn on the map
  • You receive alerts when specific events happen (speeding, excessive idling)
  • You can analyse historical journey reports

Beyond the fleet – Employees in the Field

When Vehicle Tracking stops, our mobile tracking takes over and even if employees venture indoors our (optional) Near Field Communication (NFC) solution’s check-ins take over.

  • Mobile Tracking can track user movements on foot as well as in their vehicles
  • NFC Check-ins gives you an accurate, quick, & easy to use time and attendance solution
  • Historical journey reports can be downloaded or automatically emailed on scheduled dates

MobileLWP-Innovative Product Award

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How to Track a Mobile Phone