SmartCam Tracker & 3G Dashcam

SmartCam is the latest innovative product offered by Jets GPS recognised by our insurance partners. Delivering a comprehensive fleet tracking system with a completely integrated 3G HD video solution, ideal for fleets of all sizes. The SmartCam SC700 device incorporates the following key technologies; GPS, HD video camera, 3G connectivity, Android touch screen and Bluetooth to provide a unique future-proof solution for your fleet.

Our GPS trackers and 3G cameras are recognised by our insurance partners to provide preferential rate Fleet insurance for our customers.

SmartCam Key Features

SmartCam integrates Crystal Ball’s Fleet Tracker solution, a comprehensive and established gps fleet tracking system used by thousands of SME’s and local government in the UK today.
HD Forward FacingHD Forward Facing Video camera
SmartCam provides excellent HD 1080p video recording quality.
SmartCam’s accelerometer detects changes in g-force to generate automated video events.
3G3G Real-time videos
Videos are sent to the Crystal Ball system over the 3G mobile network and viewable within the admin portal and Manager App in real-time.
AndroidAndroid Operating System
The SmartCam SC700 is a future-proof Android smart device with a 5 inch touch screen display.
Driver BehaviourDriver Behaviour
SmartCam improves driver behaviour by warning the driver with visual/audible alerts if they exceed the speed limit.
Speed Camera DataSpeed Camera Data
Smartcam warns the driver with visual and audible alerts when approaching a fixed speed camera.
Driver IDDriver ID
Employees can log into SmartCam with their username and pincode in order to identify themselves as the driver and verify business/private mileage.
BluetoothBluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit
SmartCam provides a Bluetooth enabled hands-free application allowing users to make and receive calls by pairing their mobile to the SC700 device.






blue-tickManage and improve poor driver behaviour with event-generated videos.
Improve driver behaviour to increase fuel savings and reduce vehicle wear and tear.
Reduce accident rate with improved driver behaviour.
Provide video evidence for insurance claims and reduce claim processing times.
Protect your no-claims bonus and ensure insurance premiums don’t increase.
blue-tickSmartCam will reduce 50/50 settlements with accident footage available to your insurer within minutes and in the event of a fault claim allow them to manage the claim quickly to avoid unnecessary escalation by them managing replacement vehicles and repair costs.
blue-tickProtect you against crash for cash claims.
Address Duty of Care legislation.
Improve fleet/driver productivity.
Help safeguard employees driving licences.
Differentiate between business/private journeys.


SmartCam is a 3G dashcam with driver ID truly integrated into an established vehicle tracking system combining video technology into a comprehensive fleet management solution for your fleet. This is just a small sample of what SmartCam can do.

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