Driver Terminals

Tom Tom have long been recognised as the leaders in vehicle satellite navigation.

With a range of PRO terminals for your fleet to utilise you can select the solution that meets your business needs best.

  • – Both the PRO 7250 and PRO 8275 range provide:
  • – Driver ID
  • – Pro-active driver feedback to help drivers improve their driving style, MPG and driver score
  • – Truck specific terminal to enter height, weight and length for safe and efficient navigation
  • – Tom Tom’s market leading satellite navigation
  • – Job despatch and order status update
  • – Navigate to job button
  • – Two way messaging
  • – Text to voice option for safer driving
  • – Live traffic option
  • – Maps for life option
  • – Integration into existing back office systems

The PRO 8275 driver terminal is a ruggedised Android tablet with a data Sim card of its own allowing further functionality away from the vehicle including:

  • – Vehicle checks
  • – Accident report forms
  • – Signature capture (ePod – electronic proof of delivery)
  • – Electronic job sheets
  • – Your electronic internal company forms (COSH, holiday request forms, company health & safety documents and more)
  • – Near field communication (NFC)
  • – Barcode scanning & RFID reader
  • – Camera

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