Win more business with FORS, CLOCS or the DVS Scheme

Jets GPS specialise in helping family-run, North West-fleets win the lucrative contracts they truly desire by achieving accreditation for FORS Silver, FORS Gold, CLOCS and the DVS Scheme.

We can help you upgrade the vehicle safety specification of your vehicles so that you can gain the accreditation required to tender for the big ticket business.

Our team in the North West have a wealth of experience in GPS fleet solutions, and are committed to providing honest, helpful advice, as well as expert recommendations on the best GPS services for you and your business. We provide multi-layered support across the UK, including updates, suggestions and regular contact to assist you with your fleet safety requirements.

What’s the difference between FORS and CLOCS?

What equipment do I need for the DVS scheme?

We help you find the right hardware solutions to these questions so you can concentrate on winning the work and running your business.

Jets GPS Tracking

View the following hardware applications on our web based portal.

  • Vehicle Tracker
  • Plug n Go Cigarette Lighter Tracker
  • Plant & Asset Tracker
  • Trailer Tracker

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