Why settle for less than live streaming with your multi-cam?

So, you’re looking at fitting a camera system to your fleet to win more contracts once you have the relevant accreditations.

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The DVS Scheme goes live on the 1st of March with fines of up to £575 per vehicle per day entering London and not registered on the DVS Scheme.

FORS, CLOCS and the DVS Scheme all require an investment in vehicle camera technology and a time consuming and specialist installation.

As a minimum specification for FORS Silver, CLOCS or the DVS Scheme you’re going to need a nearside (blindside) camera and a reversing camera.

Your driver will need to be able to view footage live on a screen within the cab when turning left at low speed and also when reversing. You may want us to fit directly into the manufacturers own screen rather than adding a stand-alone monitor.

It is a big job. A very detailed and time-consuming fit to do properly and we want to make sure your fleet downtime is minimised.

Doing it right and future proofing your specification first time will ensure this.

At Jets GPS this is not a box ticking exercise. We are passionate about making the roads as safe as possible whilst providing the maximum benefit and return on investment for our clients.

So, whilst you can tick the boxes for the above, what happens when your vehicle is involved in an accident or you decide you want to upgrade to FORS Gold for even more lucrative contracts?

The simple answer is it will cost you a lot more money and double your vehicle downtime to fit twice.

Let us help you get it right first time.

A DVR recorder with live streaming provides you with immensely more protection than just driver visibility and is a major factor in protecting your insurance premium when defending claims that without footage would go to a 50/50 split which adds up year on year.

With live streaming you can have footage to send to your insurer within minutes of being advised from however many cameras you decide to fit.

As standard we would recommend:

  • Forward facing
  • Both sides
  • Rear/reverse
  • Optional – in vehicle dome for driver view

We can go through the Suzi on Artics, however, if they use different trailers we’ll need to kit them up as well so you can view any rear view on any Artic’s DVR.

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