Multiple Vehicle Cameras

With commercial vehicles sometimes a single camera solution is not enough.

Jets GPS can provide hard drive recorders (500G, 1TB or 2TB) that can link with up to eight camera connections providing comprehensive coverage of your vehicles perimeter.

The CLOCS standard for construction logistics has been adopted by many of the UK’s leading construction companies and must also be adopted by contractors regularly visiting their sites if you want to keep the contract.

Read the full CLOCS standard by clicking [here].

Side cameras fitted to your vehicles will not only aid your compliance for operating within the capital, they will also provide valuable video evidence to prove driver innocence in the event of an accident wherever you operate.

The footage from rear cameras can be invaluable for commercial vehicles when accidents are being investigated and you also have the option of adding a monitor to act as a reversing aid.

The video footage is stored onto the recorder’s hard drive and can easily be downloaded for viewing. We can even offer a GPRS modem solution to allow live streaming of video. In the event of an accident the footage can, if you wish, be sent directly to a transport manager/insurer within minutes of the accident occurring.

If a multiple camera solution meets your more complex needs we can help you select the best cameras to meet your requirements and the environment your vehicles are working in.

Please contact us so we can quote for the best package to suit your requirements.

If you are looking to work to FORS Silver, or the CLOCS standard, we have the vehicle safety systems required to achieve these.