How much time does your office spend route planning for your drivers? What could your team spend that time on instead?

How much money could you save on fuel by drivers completing jobs in the order with the lowest possible mileage?

How many extra jobs could you complete for your customers within your drivers hours if they went the most efficient route? How much extra money would this make for your company?

Our Route Optimisation tool integrates directly with the Tom Tom Webfleet vehicle tracking and fleet management software to save you hours in planning and a small fortune in operational costs.

Enter the postcodes for the day, which vehicle will be doing them and at a press of a button our Route Optimisation software will calculate the most efficient route. Another button press and it will import it into the Tom Tom Webfleet software and straight through to the terminal in the vehicle in the most efficient order.

From there your drivers can work through their jobs in the order you have sent them, keeping you updated of job progress through the two way communication within the navigation unit.

If you’re serious about making the most of GPS tracking to save money on poor routing then Route Optimisation is the answer.

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