Tachograph Manager

Tom Tom Telematics’ Webfleet Tachograph Manager allows automatic downloading of your driver and vehicle tachograph data without the need for you to process these manually.

Driver information is downloaded weekly and vehicle information monthly over the airwaves removing the need for your fleet manager to do this manually whilst giving you a great tool to ensure legal compliance and manage your fleet most effectively.

Tom Tom’s Webfleet software provides you with real time visibility of driver status and hours with a full reporting suite to give you the tools to manage your working time directive compliance without waiting for your vehicles to return to the yard.

Analogue tachographs can also be manually downloaded to Tachograph Manager so you have visibility of your full fleet data to analyse and ensure compliance with up to date European and national legislation.

Deadline Manager ensures you are notified when cards are due for renewal to reduce fines and the detailed analysis suite gives you both at a glance and comprehensive reports to run your fleet efficiently with all data securely archived for two years.

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