Thatcham CAT6 Plant

The cost of rural crime has risen to £44.5m as organised criminal gangs target farm machinery. According to the NFU UK Rural Crime Report 2018, agricultural vehicle theft is costing £5.9m, Land Rover Defender thefts costing £1.9m and Quad/ATV thefts costing £2.3m with vehicles also being used to commit further crimes.

In order to cater for all plant and agricultural equipment customer requirements there is either Thatcham approved, fully monitored or our non-Thatcham approved self-monitored service options available on Jets GPS Asset Tracker

Upon continuous movement of your plant an alert will be sent to the 24/7/365 Monitoring Centre based here in the UK. When this is received, you will receive contact from a fully trained operator who will co-ordinate with local Police forces to track and recover the stolen plant.

Protect your Plant from theft.