Tom Tom Optidrive 360

Tom Tom Optidrive 360 provides valuable insights for the fleet manager and the driver to actively help improve driving style, gain cost savings in fuel and vehicle maintenance and reduce your company’s Carbon footprint.

Within Tom Tom’s Webfleet software fleet managers can set driver targets, monitor performance and manage improvement with simple to understand presentation of driver league tables and graphs. For individual training Fleet Managers can click through the dashboards for greater detail, linking to Tom Tom mapping so it is easier for your driver to see each event.

With one of Tom Tom’s in-cab terminals feedback can be provided to drivers in real time as well as providing access to their journey performance and driver scores. By providing your drivers with the tools and visibility to access their own data they can improve their performance to save your company money on fuel, vehicle maintenance and reduce your carbon footprint.

Eight key performance indicators can be monitored and manage to drive those fleet operating costs down. All of these are reported via the in-cab terminal to the driver and reported within Webfleet to your Fleet Manager:

HGV-smlSpeeding – road specific speeding highlights drivers who are driving too fast and burning excessive fuel
Driving events – harsh steering and breaking can be monitored to reduce vehicle operating costs like wear and tear to tyres and brake pads
Idling – true engine idling allows you to monitor and reduce wasted fuel with leaving the engine on while the vehicle is stationary, a very significant cost that can be easily improved with accurate information
Constant Speed – fluctuations in speed will reduce fuel efficiency. By managing a more steady driving style your fuel bills will reduce
Coasting – Tom Tom have utilised UK data to identify coasting zones where it is not necessary to press the accelerator, adding to your fuel savings
Green Speed – driving slightly below the speed limit will add further fuel savings across your fleet
Gear Shift – actively coaching your drivers on appropriate gear shifts can optimise vehicle efficiency

Optidrive 360 Benefits

Cut costs – Reduces fuel, maintenance and insurance costs, lowering your total vehicle ownership costs
Increase Your Sustainability – Prove your environmental responsibility by demonstrating your effort to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
Increase Driver Safety – Real-time feedback and advice on safer driving results in fewer accidents and maintenance downtime
Be More Relaxed – With a better driving style drivers will arrive at the customer relaxed and ready to work

What you need

Tom Tom Webfleet
Tom Tom Link 510
Tom Tom Link 105 or HGV equivalent
Tom Tom PRO driver terminal

Optidrive 360 – the closest you can get to sitting next to your drivers all the time to improve driving performance and reduce fleet running costs