Tom Tom Telematics

Tom Tom Telematics is Jets GPS’ partner providing a premium solution for customers who want much more than a standard tracking system. Tom Tom are the leading telematics provider worldwide and with this pedigree can offer some innovative extras to add to their tracking solution.

Our GPS trackers and 3G cameras are recognised by our insurance partners to provide preferential rate Fleet insurance for our customers.

As you’d expect, the terminals manufactured by Tom Tom are top of the range not only in reliability, they also offer some quite unique functionality to take your telematics solution into the vehicle and provide your drivers with the tools to help you drive down costs and increase productivity.

Features above and beyond vehicle tracking include:

LCV & HGV MPG & “true idling” to provide your fleet manager with an extra level of fuel efficiency
Active in cab driver feedback to help your drivers improve their driving style and reduce fuel and maintenance costs to your business
Configurable driver league tables and scoring graphically presented within Tom Tom’s Optidrive to allow fleet managers to focus on the drivers that are costing you money
Live traffic re-routing via the navigation terminal to save you time and money in getting to your customers as quickly as possible
Two way messaging to reduce phone calls and keep you compliant with configurable set messages and free text
Job despatch, order update and completion via in-cab terminal
HGV specific routing via the navigation on the in-cab terminal
Tachograph Integration for real time visibility of driver tachograph status and hours within your tracking software
VOSA compliant remote Tachograph download to replace your existing tachograph system for easy, automatic download for compliance
Tom Tom’s Android terminal which allows you to run your own applications as well as Tom Tom and their software partners
Open Application Interface to allow you to integrate your existing software with Tom Tom Webfleet for seamless operatio
Electronic proof of delivery, signature capture and electronic delivery notes to improve customer experience and service
Electronic vehicle checks and web based software to manage compliance and defects
Electronic accident reporting to protect your business from false claims