Track & Trace

Track vehicles and deliveries in real time.

CALIDUS TTM (Track and Trace) enables your transport team to monitor the progress of orders, vehicle trips and individual deliveries. Benefits include greater efficiency across your transport operations and improved customer service. With real-time status updates and live ETAs, it’s easy to keep your customers in the loop – and avoid any penalties for missed delivery slots.

CALIDUS TTM is a web-based portal that brings together the transactional information from warehouse, transport, accounts and ERP systems, to provide the single point of reference for delivery progress and status.

Detailed information about specific deliveries is available in real time which allows customer services staff to quickly find out the latest status of a particular delivery. The query process offers the flexibility to search against one or more of the order parameters, such as order number, customer name, delivery date etc. By having direct access to the order delivery information in a simple web based system, the customer services team can respond to the majority of customer delivery queries without reference to any other systems or having to contact the operations team.

Customers And Subcontractors

If required, the portal can also be made available externally to be accessed directly by the customer to track their delivery online or to receive SMS delivery time slots which in turn reduces the number of calls to customer services for delivery updates.

CALIDUS TTM can also be used to manage subcontractors more effectively providing the same tracking and visibility of transport work, ensuring the subcontractor is delivering to schedule and confirming delivery conditions of product with your customer.


  • Orders can easily be tracked across the supply chain from one screen
  • Map View of Delivery Location
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Real Time Status Updates From PDA
  • Customers Can View and Download Proof of Delivery Report
  • Subcontractor Can Update and Confirm Deliveries Online
  • Customers Can Track Delivery in Real Time
  • Real-time Delivery Progress Tracking

Combined with ePod, Track & Trace saves you time and money in your delivery operations.

Contact Jets GPS today to see how Calidius TTM can revolutionise your customer’s service experience.