Jets GPS Asset & Trailer Tracker puts YOU back in control of YOUR trailers!
  • Real time and historical tracking
  • 8 hour locations when stationary, live tracking when moving
  • Western European Sims as standard
  • Report trailer ETA to your clients no matter who is pulling them
  • Customisable analytics to maximise your trailer fleet
  • Save time by automate manual trailer reporting processes
  • View in the same platform as your trucks and vans

Keep track of your valuable loads

See when they enter and leave ports
and even track on the ferry if they’re on the top deck

Call Jets GPS for more information: 01254 914 538

Real time client alerting

As these sit on our tracking platform you have full tracking benefits including Zones, alerts and reporting so you and your clients are alerted in real time

Call Jets GPS for more information: 01254 914 538

Identify unauthorised trailer use

Are others using your trailers when they should be sat? Unless you’re very lucky you’ll never know, unless you can see the trailer activity. Could your competition be “borrowing” your trailers adding to wear and tear?

Call Jets GPS for more information: 01254 914 538

As our asset tracker is a self-fit device all you need to do is bolt it to a bulkhead, log in on any device and you can view your trailer operations as well as integrating with other software you may already be using.

Please note: For client security we do not post pictures of our tracker on our website.