Vehicle CCTV

In-vehicle CCTV is an essential business tool to protect your company and drivers in the event of an accident and to give video evidence of any dangerous or poor driving.

Jets GPS can provide any camera solution from a simple forward facing camera plugged into your cigarette lighter charger to 24 cameras with live streaming. It really depends on YOUR business, YOUR requirements and what is going to benefit you the most within your budget.

We do focus on the higher quality hardware as once you have the solution in place you don’t want to have footage missing when you need it most.

We know you can buy a dashcam in the supermarket for £15 and if that is what you want that’s great, however, if you want expert advice to help selecting the right camera for you, that will last years and not weeks then please get in touch as the range is far too extensive for us to list every option.


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