Calidus VEhub is an Android application allowing our customers to conduct vehicle checks and complete accident report forms electronically. All information is sent instantly to a web based software suite where vehicle defects and accident investigations can happen without the need for the paper to return to base.

VEhub also comes complete with Asset Scan where you can print RF Tags in house to place on non-GPS tracked assets to log their last known location via VEhub on your Android device.

Fleet efficiency and safety

Maintaining the correct safety information across your fleet just got simpler and faster for you and your drivers. In the process of doing away with most of the paper, VEhub reinvented the process of keeping your fleet safe and in compliance with Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA – previously VOSA) requirements. We provide a timely capability for recording accident information, as well as knowing where your key transport resources are.

Accessible technology

CALIDUS VEhub runs as a straightforward App on Android devices, and specifically the TomTom 827x series devices. This gives you an all-in-one driver-orientated dashboard device that acts as both Sat Nav and driver information centre.

Easy Access

All your driver has to do is log on and, through a few easy steps, they can capture all the safety checking information the law requires before starting their journey. Photo capture and defect reporting make the process more consistent and accurate than paper, not to mention faster as an end to end process.

Accident records

If the worst happens and a driver is involved in an accident, information is best captured as soon as possible. In the event of an accident VEhub will guide your driver through all the information and pictures he needs to capture to protect your insurance premium and report back to the office in real time, simplifying a difficult driver situation.

VEhub has a full accident logging capability, including accident scene and vehicle damage photo capture. The format driven recording helps to ensure that the details that are required are fully captured. The accident report can then be sent back to the transport department for processing in real time rather than waiting for the driver to return to base.

Asset Scan

VEhub runs a straightforward app on Android devices and specifically on Tom Tom’s 827x series of in-cab terminals. Asset Scan allows you to produce RFID labels to attach to the assets you can’t track such as skips or small yet expensive equipment. Scan with VEhub and the assets location will be recorded for you.


CALIDUS VEhub has a full suite of reports so that you can rapidly assess the condition of the fleet and take proactive action to keep your vehicles operating in optimum condition.

Low cost and accessible on any Android device, VEhub will simplify and speed up your compliance record keeping

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Gain peace of mind and control while increasing your profits
and reducing your costs.

"To ethically understand client needs
and exceed expectations with the most
appropriate fleet management solution,
fully supported implementation and
ongoing personal service."

Is knowing where your lone workers and
valuable assets are - and that they are safe.
Increase Control
Enhance Profit
Lower Costs
“We have used the vehicle tracking
supplied by Jets GPS to reduce our
weekly fuel consumption by an average
of 10%. This has given us an annual
fuel saving equating to £35,000, more
than covering the cost of buying the
hardware and running the system for
3 years within the first 12 months”
Martin Prater, Fleet Manager
Smiths Equipment Hire Ltd