Forward-Facing 3G Camera

Using technologies such as GPS, HD video and 3G connectivity, this forward facing camera provides a powerful and intuitive fleet tracking system.

3G telematics means you can view video together with information such as vehicle speed, location, impact force and driving style.

Key Features

  • Industry leading, integrated 3G vehicle camera and tracking system
  • Protect your vehicle or fleet against false driving allegations and increasing insurance premiums
  • Monitor driver behaviour from anywhere using the VisionTrack cloud platform
  • Live HD quality video and review any incidents instantly
  • Track your vehicle at any time
  • First notification of loss (FNOL)
  • Reduce fleet operating costs
  • Reduce risk with transparent fleet operations
  • Enable risk management control on the roads with complete visibility over fleet operations
  • Accurate G-Force and GPS data to help mitigate third-party repair costs or injury claims
  • Analyse unsafe driving and assess driver training needs

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